Enlightened Society Leadership Training

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Enlightened Society Leadership Training 

Presented by Silicon Valley  Shambhala Center
Next program begins in September 2015

In Shambhala, all of us are leaders – in our lives, our homes, our jobs, and our personal journeys. By working with our own minds and hearts, and cultivating our own sanity, we begin to transform our culture and create good human society. Leadership training in Shambhala has at its heart the aspiration to awaken our own bravery and compassion and learn to work with others with clarity, gentleness, and wisdom.

Who is it for?
The internship program is for anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice, strengthening their leadership skills and contributing to creating an Enlightened Society. This can include recent graduates, students, and people in both personal and professional transitions. People with full-time jobs have found this program to inspire career growth and personal development.

Internship Training includes event staffing and hosting, program coordination, and department assistants such as Programs, Communication & Marketing, Membership, and Practice & Education.

Meditation and Study Each student receives one-on-one meditation instruction, and commits to a regular meditation practice. Study emphasizes the connection between the Shambhala teachings and service as path.

How it Works
• You commit to volunteer with a specific center 15 hours per month, or on specific projects agreed upon with your Center’s Volunteer Coordinator (Chris Hakim).
• You meet with other ESLT participants periodically for a study group, at your Center
• You attend 1 of 2 core training sessions for the region
• You have the option to attend many more auxiliary training sessions during the semester

You will work with your local Center on various projects and events. You will have the opportunity to focus your training in particular areas such as practice and education, membership, families and children, community events, marketing, event production, and much more. You will work with your Center’s coordinator to find ways for you to serve in your area of inspiration.

Study Group
Your group will meet regularly to study various leadership texts and Shambhala teachings. These gatherings will include check-ins, discussion, contemplation, and meditation. Check with your Center’s coordinator for meeting times.

Other Benefits
For the duration of your active participation in the ESLT program, you will receive:
• Free Tuition to all programs in Northern California Shambhala Centers (this does not include materials fees, food or lodging, or fees for programs hosted off-site)
• A Meditation Instructor, whom you can meet with regularly during your training
• Support and community for engaging in daily meditation practice

Core Training Sessions:
The two key training programs for ESLT are Inviting Magic: The Art of Leadership and Creating Brilliant Environments and Shambhala Lineage and History and Culture: Proclaiming Basic Goodness.

You will be required to attend at least one of these programs. Dates to be Announced.

The Art of Being Human- Prerequisite Program

October 24 & 25th -Silicon Valley

 What Participants Are Saying
Being a part of the internship program has enriched both my experience with the community and my practice. It opened up a new world of learning and conversation that I know will have an lifelong impact. The internship program is an intimate way to experience the Sangha, offering the opportunity to learn with and from one another.

Being part of the internship program was a valuable experience. It allowed me to increase my volunteering opportunities at the Center. I became very comfortable with the group and working with the other interns, and we were able to work together to support the Center and learn more about its inner-workings. The leadership component gave me confidence to apply the principles of Shambhala to the other areas of my life where I am a leader, and to approach those situations differently, and more thoughtfully than I had in the past.

To apply please send a letter of interest to our Center Director, Fern LaRocca, fernalixlarocca [at] gmail [dot] com